Why You Should Consider Maine Cabin Rentals


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When you are planning a holiday with your family, you are basically planning memories that you want to last a lifetime. You want every single member of your family to enjoy their time and have fun. But the last thing you want on your mind is having to deal with the hotel hassles – you really don’t want to think about hotel bookings going wrong, trying to herd everyone to breakfast and so on. This is where Maine vacation rentals would come into play, because when you have an entire place to yourself, you have little to worry about.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of rental places is that you have a lot more privacy as compared to a hotel. Imagine not having to listen to the morning routines of the people next door or not having to worry about someone seeing you in your bathrobe, as you step out the door. With Maine cabin rentals, you can enjoy the comfort of a home, but with the luxuries that you would associate with a hotel. Most cabins are designed to give a warm, cosy feeling, but there is absolutely no skimping when it comes to amenities. You will find everything you would want from a good hotel, including hot water and even on-demand television.

Most rentals in Maine will have a fully equipped kitchen, should you want to cook, but if you are in a full-on holiday mood, you can always step out and enjoy the scrumptious options that almost every corner of Maine has to offer!


Choose Maine Vacation Rentals for a Luxurious Stay



Maine offers exceptional sightseeing options to the visitors. Located on the oceanfront and designed by top quality craftsmen, Maine vacation rentals give an experience of a lifetime. With harbors for peaceful retreats and visually appealing beaches, you will be in for a treat. The Maine summer rentals are a widely preferred option by visitors. Known as Vacationland, Maine is famous for the beaches and the breathtaking view it offers. You can make the most of the land of natural attractions. There are various beaches as well as adventure activities for the adventure lover in you. Make the most of your time with your family by staying close to the vast coastline.

You can book your stay at a cottage, estate or at one of the Maine cabin rentals. Equipped with basic amenities, these rental properties ensure that you are pampered during your stay. While on your vacation, you can choose to go skiing or catch up on the dogsled race which is ideal for the weather. You can also opt for snowshoeing if you want to experience the winters in Maine. Besides adventure activities, you could visit the museum or historical theatres to make the most of your stay there. Maine is known as a highly preferred holiday destination for the variety of sightseeing options. There is so much to do and see that you will never get bored while on your trip. Make the most of your stay by booking a property through Downeast Maine Vacation Rentals and we promise you will come back for more!

Rent an oceanfront cabin for your next vacation

Maine vacation Rentals

Nothing like waking up to the view of a wide ocean overlooking the mountains! If you are planning for your next vacation, do not miss out on the opportunity to rent an oceanfront cottage that comes with all the amenities and a breathtaking view at all times. Downeast Maine Vacation Rentals is a family owned business that adds a personal touch to your stay. You can choose from a variety of property options available for you. It offers general properties as well as premiere properties that vary according to the price range. You can choose from the Maine Cabin Rentals to Maine Oceanfront Rentals. They go an extra mile to spoil you while you are on your vacation.

Downeast Maine Vacation Rentals are well known amongst travelers who are looking for privacy as well as a personal touch during their stay. There are folks who always look forward to spending an ocean vacation since it gives them the freedom to have a colossal amount of fun and frolic. Plumping for oceanfront cabin rentals seems to be the most viable option. There are various options for a couple, a family of four or a family of six and more. Maine oceanfront rentals are equipped with all the amenities you may need for your stay to be comfortable. Whether you are planning a relaxing weekend with your partner, family or a group of friends, you have a range of options to choose from. There are a number of rationales who believe that choosing this option sounds very sensible. Maine cabin rentals are situated in the lap of nature with close proximity to the nearby areas. You can find privacy and comfort on your stay. They also ensure efficient and friendly assistance throughout the year. Moreover, oceanfront cabin rental assures you of a perfect vacation that can bring loads of contentment and luxuries. You can take a look at the property and book for your next vacation with easy pay options available for you.

Choose Maine Cottage Rental for a Comfortable Stay

Maine is beautiful all year round but especially gorgeous during the winters. The north-eastern part of the state is best known for skiing and snowmobiling. In addition to this, you can enjoy boating, rafting, and fishing on its many lakes and streams. Not to forget, the sandy beaches for sunbathing in summers. During the autumn season, you can enjoy hiking and hunting on the foliage trails.

Maine is a land of natural attractions like rivers, streams, and highlands. While here, you can engage in various seasonal festivals, cultural events, and nightlife. Furthermore, this state is famous for its historical bridges, like Sunday River, Lowes, Bailey Island Bridge, Grist Mill and more. You can make the most out of your vacations by visiting the sixty lighthouses all along the coastline of Maine. Some of the famous lighthouses in the region are Cape Neddick Light, Portland Head light, Kennebec River light to name a few.

Famously known as the “Vacationland”, the state of Maine is loaded with exotic natural beauty steeped into the depth of vast expanses of forests, rolling mountains and a long stretch of rouged coastlines. All of these things invite visitors every year for seeking retreat from the calm surroundings of cottage rentals in Maine. This place has a lot in store for the visitors to soak themselves into and take some incredible moments back home. Here are some great ideas to help you have some fun while vacationing in Maine:

Go Skiing

It is one of the best ways to appreciate the snow and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. With several ski venues across Maine and a variety of downhill ski experiences to choose from this is a perfect place for skiers of all levels. Moreover, there are plenty of great places to go for well-maintained ski lodges and ski rentals.

Catch a Dogsled Race

This fun event is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the weather, especially in the Northern Maine. It might be a bit chilly, standing and waiting for the teams to rush by, but the atmosphere is truly electric. With a number of dogs barking at once as they strain to get the starting gate, along with the blare of the loudspeaker and the excited buzz of the crowd, the adrenaline rush makes for a perfect dogsled race.


Snowshoeing is another great way to experience the outdoors the winters. It is an alternative to skiing and is usually done cross-country. Snowshoe rentals and purchases are available anywhere you go across Maine.

Now that you have some great ideas for your Maine vacation, you know you are not going to be bored. Besides hiking and indulging in skiing, the visitors may go back in time by visiting museums and historical theaters. You can check out http://www.rentalsmaine.com/ and get excellent options of Maine Cottage Rentals.

Witness the Stunning Beauty of Maine

A Maine vacation, whether for the entire summer, a week or just for a weekend, is going to build some of the best moments you spend with your family or a loved one. It barely matters if you come to Maine each year or have been planning to visit this place since forever, there is always a sense of magnificence to discover.

But, when you begin to plan your vacation, you need to take care of a lot of things to make it a memorable one. For instance, which places you want to explore, what type of lodging is best, are Maine vacation rentals a good option, and what activities will you do, and where will you eat etc. etc.

Here are three places in Maine that answers all the questions.

Acadia National Park: No other place in New England region boasts of a more majestic and enthralling visage of landscapes like the Acadia National Park. Pristine waters and wildlife compliments the spectacular landscape.

Bar Harbor: Known for exquisite Maine cabin rentals, restaurants, outdoor activities and breathtaking natural beauty, Bar Harbor is definitely not to be missed. Located on the northeast shores of Mount Desert Island’s Frenchman Bay, this is a bustling resort town, particularly during summer and fall. Besides the Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is one of the hottest Maine vacation spots.

Portland: You’ll find a unique array of specialty shops, galleries, hotels, incredible restaurants, cobblestone streets in Portland, Maine. There is a fine hip, eclectic arts and musical scene in the backdrop, which transcends into an ambience of outstanding culture, history, and recreational attraction.

Whichever place you pick, Downeast Maine Vacation Rentals Inc. will help you explore the beautiful place like no one else!

Top 3 Things to Do In Stonington for a Fabulous Vacation in Maine

Loyal Maine travelers say that the sight around Penobscot Bay is the most breathtaking one. If this is your first visit, you have to explore the most picturesque and unadulterated coastal regions here. There are many beautiful islands in this bay including Isle Au Haut, Islesboro, North Haven, Matinicus Isle, Sears Island, Nautilus Island and Deer Isle.

Stonington is a quiet and tranquil part of Deer Isle, located in its southern side. It includes villages of Burnt Cove, Oceanville, Green Head, and Clam City. The town has the largest lobster port in Maine. Local fishermen lands more than fourteen million pounds of lobster worth $46.3 million in a year. Visitors will be charmed by the picturesque harbor in Stonington. The majestic sight of schooners touring the waters throughout summers, dropping anchors to stay the night or merely zigzagging around the islands, is enigmatic. If you walk farther, you will find yourself in the solitude of spruce-clad shore.

Vacationing in Stonington won’t be limited to watching islands dotting the horizon, you can engage in many exciting activities as well. Walking downtown, you will find a few shops. Here, you can buy some trendy clothes, shoes, and souvenirs. Besides clothing, they offer a wonderful range of perfumed oil as well.  If you want to jazz-up your vacation a bit with a little adventure, go out and about on one of Capt Bill’s boat trips. You can even take a boat ride offered downtown or go out on the Isle Au Haut mailboats or ferry. Don’t forget to visit the immaculate pond, called the Lily Pond in Stonington.

If you are a first time visitor, do not feel bogged down with questions like ‘where will I stay?’ Maine vacation rental homes of Deer Isle will make your stay a memorable one. The best months to visit is from June to August, the weather is just right and to top it off, amenity-rich summer, or beachfront vacation rentals offers you a stay in extravagance.

Vacation rental homes don’t fail at bringing a panoramic view of each island near Stonington. Its effortless and unassuming beauty enthralls a visitor who wishes to discover a true Downeast experience.

So, just kick back and relax, let Maine work its magic!