Maine Summer Rentals for Amazing Stays

Holding countless sightseeing opportunities in store for both visitors and locals, Maine has evolved into an ultimate travelling destination. With unparalleled wildlife reserves nestled around the state, Maine hits the spot with what it brings to the table for the passionate globetrotters. Tourists from across the globe flock up here time and again and take up the shelter at Maine summer rentals.

Acadia National Park

Regaling the visitors with a rugged and breathtaking stretch of coastline, densely forested terrain, and inland lakes and streams, Acadia National Park is every traveler’s delight. The park sets the perfect settings for outdoor activities for both locals and visitors. Additionally, a scenic road snakes its way across a number of attractions, a walk along which will leave you groping for words.


Lying 12.5 miles south of Portland, the little coastal town of Kennebunkport draws in visitors time and again, especially in summers. It is splashed with some of the renowned places of interest including the Seashore Trolley Museum. Additionally, the local history collection in Town House School goes right down the alley of history buffs.

Victoria Mansion-Portland

Constructed in the mid-nineteenth century in an extraordinary Italian style, Victoria Mansion exhibits intricate interior architecture. Additionally, it gives a glimpse of the upscale lifestyle enjoyed by some of the hugely fortunate souls who took up their abode during this time period.

Boothbay Harbor

Once a shipping port, Boothbay Harbor has made a smooth transitioning to being a popular summer resort. Tourists from across the globe flock up here to relish ocean-related activities like whale-watching, river and ocean cruises, and deep-sea fishing, to name a few. Apart from this, the downtown area is dotted with several antique shops, galleries, and stores.


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