Top 3 Things to Do In Stonington for a Fabulous Vacation in Maine

Loyal Maine travelers say that the sight around Penobscot Bay is the most breathtaking one. If this is your first visit, you have to explore the most picturesque and unadulterated coastal regions here. There are many beautiful islands in this bay including Isle Au Haut, Islesboro, North Haven, Matinicus Isle, Sears Island, Nautilus Island and Deer Isle.

Stonington is a quiet and tranquil part of Deer Isle, located in its southern side. It includes villages of Burnt Cove, Oceanville, Green Head, and Clam City. The town has the largest lobster port in Maine. Local fishermen lands more than fourteen million pounds of lobster worth $46.3 million in a year. Visitors will be charmed by the picturesque harbor in Stonington. The majestic sight of schooners touring the waters throughout summers, dropping anchors to stay the night or merely zigzagging around the islands, is enigmatic. If you walk farther, you will find yourself in the solitude of spruce-clad shore.

Vacationing in Stonington won’t be limited to watching islands dotting the horizon, you can engage in many exciting activities as well. Walking downtown, you will find a few shops. Here, you can buy some trendy clothes, shoes, and souvenirs. Besides clothing, they offer a wonderful range of perfumed oil as well.  If you want to jazz-up your vacation a bit with a little adventure, go out and about on one of Capt Bill’s boat trips. You can even take a boat ride offered downtown or go out on the Isle Au Haut mailboats or ferry. Don’t forget to visit the immaculate pond, called the Lily Pond in Stonington.

If you are a first time visitor, do not feel bogged down with questions like ‘where will I stay?’ Maine vacation rental homes of Deer Isle will make your stay a memorable one. The best months to visit is from June to August, the weather is just right and to top it off, amenity-rich summer, or beachfront vacation rentals offers you a stay in extravagance.

Vacation rental homes don’t fail at bringing a panoramic view of each island near Stonington. Its effortless and unassuming beauty enthralls a visitor who wishes to discover a true Downeast experience.

So, just kick back and relax, let Maine work its magic!


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