Enjoy Maine coastal vacation



Planning a vacation to Maine could be the best idea and the reasons are obvious. Maine not only boasts of beautiful mountain destinations but also of a beautiful coastline that is 3500 miles long.  Here, you can find Maine Coast Rentals at Downeast R&R. Maine also offers a wide number of recreational activities to select from. Isn’t it enticing?

Let us discuss further:

The beautiful coastlines

The coastline of Maine is divided into two regions. The mid coastline harbors beautiful villages, artist studios, lobster restaurants, and lighthouses. You can also indulge in several activities such as hiking, whale watching; seal watching, biking and watching concerts. There are several festivals as well such as the lobster festival and the like.

The second region refers to the Maine southern coast which harbors a lot of beaches. Along with coastal towns where you can shop, attend good theatre and eat amazing cuisines at good restaurants. At our site, you can select the Maine Summer Rentals option. There are several other charms as well such as museums, lighthouses forts etc. The southern coast also offers a variety of water-based activities such as sailing along with other activities to select from.

Planning a long vacation

Since you have so much to do at Maine, it is definitely exciting to plan a long vacation to have a good look at all the beautiful spots and indulge in all the beautiful activities to your heart’s content. The beauty of the place shall touch your soul and help you create some of the best memories. Going to Beach Rental Maine would definitely be an adventure.


The surge in Maine tourism industry


The tourism industry in Maine saw its revenue increase for the fifth straight year in 2017. Maine received more than $6 billion from its tourism industry. Tourism is one of the largest industries in Maine and employs about 106,000 people. Visitors love the natural beauty and serenity at this destination. The growth in visitation included a rise in Canadian tourists after many years of decline. There is no dearth of activities to indulge in Maine. If you are looking for peace and serenity, you can spend some quiet time at Maine Coast Rentals. If you are an adventure enthusiast, winter is an ideal time for you to enjoy snowshoeing and skiing. In addition to adventure, Maine has a number of must-visit sights which include the famous Acadia National Park, Portland Museum of Art and lighthouses on the coastline.

Maine is also known as “Vacationland”, tourists throng Maine for the calm surroundings and peaceful environment. Whether you are traveling with your friends or family, you will never get bored in Maine. The picturesque destination has some of the most spectacular views of sunrise and tourists head to Acadia National Park to catch the best sunrise view. You can enjoy comfortable and luxurious accommodation at Maine summer rentals. The accommodation is affordable and will offer you peace and privacy throughout your stay.

Take a look at Downeast Maine for options in Beach rental Maine and have a memorable holiday with your friends and family.

Discover the Land of Craft Beer

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The rocky coastline and maritime history attracts a large number of tourists in Maine. The smallest coolest destination is known as “Vacationland” for a number of reasons. It is known for skiing and snowmobiling which makes winter an ideal time for a visit. The surroundings are calm and Maine has picturesque beauty in the form of mountains, forests and coastlines. Tourists choose Maine vacation rental homes to relax and spend time by themselves. Tourists can also indulge in a number of adventure activities like snowshoeing and skiing. For the lovers of history, there are a number of museums and architectural delights to marvel at.

Maine coast rentals offer a number of property options to choose from. Whether you are traveling by yourself or with your friends and family, choose the comfortable and luxurious rentals by the vast coastline of Maine. Maine is also known for the craft beer and is home to thriving, delicious craft beer business. You can also visit the Acadia National Park which is a natural beauty with a rich cultural heritage. No trip to Maine is complete without a visit to the national park. Maine offers a number of sightseeing options and activities for every traveler personality. The destination remains beautiful throughout the year but adventure enthusiasts should visit during the winters to make the most of it. Check out Downeast Maine for options in Beach rental Maine and enjoy your time in solitude or indulging into your favorite adventure activities.

A Vacation in Maine


Beach Rental Maine

Beach Rental Maine

Vacationing in Maine is quite popular in recent time. Tourists have a wide choice to select Maine Summer Rentals. Maine is endowed with a huge expanse of forests and exotic natural beauty. Outdoor vacation cabins are ideal to spend an adventurous and romantic vacation. The state of Maine has the nickname vacation land. It has a vibrant coastline that is rocky. The 3500 miles long coastline is divided into two regions.

Time seems to stop in Maine which far away from the daily grind of cities. The life is laid back and an atmosphere of holiday and vacation permeates where ever you travel in Maine. The places worth visiting in Maine are Aroostook County, Downeast and Acadia, Greater Portland and Casco Bay, The Kennebec Valley, The Maine Highlands and The Maine beaches.

You can drive through thick foliage during the fall season which is quite enjoyable. You can also go snowmobiling in winter months. The summer in Maine is glorious and spending time out in the open is exhilarating.

You can visit the Maine beaches along the southern coast. A stretch of dazzling white sand for thirty miles is a favorite. Paddleboarding, surfing and sea kayaking are the most popular sports here. The unique and historic lighthouses can be found along the coastline. You can indulge is Whale watching too here.

Vacation Maine should be your next destination for traveling during holidays and you can choose from a wide range of places and experiences that you want to make it a memorable vacation.

Checklist of Renting a Property in Maine



Are you visiting Maine? It is one of the beautiful and serene places. It is highly probable that you might be looking for a property or a place to rent to stay during your visit. Below are the places that you can easily find in Maine –

  1. Cottages – Cottages are one of the best vacation spots in any city. Why? They are amazingly priced, beautiful, close to nature, equipped with all the facilities and so much more. You are opportune to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can always find Maine Cottage Rentals in reasonable prices.
  2. Close to the ocean – What a view from your window when it opens its heart to a beautiful ocean? The scenery would be undoubtedly astounding. If you are yearning to stay close to the beaches, you can always find Maine Oceanfront Rentals. There are property agents who will assist you in this endeavor to ensure a memorable stay during your vacation.
  3. Homes – If you are insisting on renting a home for a couple of days during your vacation, renting a home would be the most apt solution. You can find the Maine Vacation Rental Homes for the purpose. They are not just beautiful and equipped with all the high end amenities, they also feature astonishing prices.
  4. Hotels – If you are not really comfortable renting a place of your own and prefer to have everything done with the help of room service, it is wise to rent a hotel. Hotels in Maine are inexpensive and have very many facilities.

How To Make The Best Of Maine Vacation Rentals

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So you have decided that this time you are going to drop the idea of a hotel for your family holiday and have looked at several Maine vacation rentals. You had heard a lot from your friends who had recently opted for rental homes as opposed to a hotel and how much they enjoyed staying at a cabin. Inspired by that, you also decided that this time around, even you would ditch the traditional hotel and try out something new!

But because this is your first time around renting a cabin, you are not too sure about how you should go about the entire process. While to many the entire process might seem like a tough and complicated one, the fact of the matter is the process is actually very simple. Start with how many people are going to be travelling, because that will help you determine how much space you will need. So, if it’s just you, your wife and two kids, a two bedroom cabin will be more than enough, but if there is an entire group then you will need to look at Maine cabin rentals that offer you a lot more space.

Now, depending on what kind of activities you will be indulging in, you will need to choose your location. Do you want to be close to the water or are you more in the mood to indulge in some retail therapy while you are in town? And finally, there is the element of money, because at the end of the day, this is just a holiday and you should not be blowing your bank balance on your rentals in Maine

Why You Should Consider Maine Cabin Rentals


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When you are planning a holiday with your family, you are basically planning memories that you want to last a lifetime. You want every single member of your family to enjoy their time and have fun. But the last thing you want on your mind is having to deal with the hotel hassles – you really don’t want to think about hotel bookings going wrong, trying to herd everyone to breakfast and so on. This is where Maine vacation rentals would come into play, because when you have an entire place to yourself, you have little to worry about.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of rental places is that you have a lot more privacy as compared to a hotel. Imagine not having to listen to the morning routines of the people next door or not having to worry about someone seeing you in your bathrobe, as you step out the door. With Maine cabin rentals, you can enjoy the comfort of a home, but with the luxuries that you would associate with a hotel. Most cabins are designed to give a warm, cosy feeling, but there is absolutely no skimping when it comes to amenities. You will find everything you would want from a good hotel, including hot water and even on-demand television.

Most rentals in Maine will have a fully equipped kitchen, should you want to cook, but if you are in a full-on holiday mood, you can always step out and enjoy the scrumptious options that almost every corner of Maine has to offer!